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9:45 A.M. SUNDAY RELIGIOUS STUDIES (next meeting 7/6/14)

ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN OUR STUDY OF HUSTON SMITH'S "THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS." We are now working our way through the chapter on Christianity. The quotes we will focus on at our next meeting (Sunday 7/6) at 9:45 a.m. in our Fellowship Hall are listed below, from the section entitled "Eastern Orthodoxy." Some questions we might consider are: (1) Does the Holy Spirit really preserve doctrines of the Church from error or does it rather provide the energy and inspiration for the people of the Church to gradually correct error?; (2) Does the supernatural world intersect and impregnate the world of sense throughout? How so?; (3) Should a part of life in general be to develop the capacity to experience directly the glories of God’s presence…. to experience union with God – actual deification, by Grace, to the point of sharing the Divine Life?

(Quotes from Huston Smith’s The World’s Religons)

p.352. “In most ways the Eastern Orthodox Church (separated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1054) stands close to the Roman Catholic…. On the teaching authority… the premise is the same: Left to private interpretation the Christian faith would disintegrate into conflicting claims and a mass of uncertainties. It is the Church’s responsibility to insure against this;… the Holy Spirit preserves its official statements against error…. (But in the EOC) issues on which unanimity is needed (are) fewer than (in) the RCC… only seven times, in the Seven Ecumenical Councils, all of which were held before 787.”

p. 353. (Also regarding teaching authority), the Eastern Church has no pope…. Instead it holds that God’s truth is disclosed through ‘the conscience of the Church,’ … the consensus of Christians generally (ie, the bishops in Ecumenical Council)…. It would be truer to the spirit of the Eastern Church to say that the Holy Spirit preserves Christian minds as a whole from lapsing into error, for the bishops’ decisions are assumed to do no more than focus the thought of the latter.”

pp. 353-4. “If we were to select two (features within the EC) that are clearly distinctive… one of these would be its exceptionally corporate view of the Church…. Not only is the destiny of the individual bound up with the entire Church… ; the welfare of everything in creation is affected to some degree by what each individual contributes to or detracts from it…. The other side of this point… (is that) the EC grounds more of its decisions in the laity… (feeling) that divine guidance…is more generally diffused among Christians than Rome allows.”

p. 355. “(T)he second distinctive emphasis (is) its mysticism…. As the supernatural world intersects and impregnates the world of sense throughout, it should be a part of Christian life in general to develop the capacity to experience directly the glories of God’s presence…. The aim of every life should be union with God – actual deification, by Grace, to the point of sharing the Divine Life.”

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